Dundee Corporate Officers

Jonathan Goodman

President and Chief Executive Officer

Bob Sellars

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Carl Calandra

Vice President, Legal

Perina Montesano

Vice President, Internal Audit

Mark Pereira

Corporate Secretary

Board of Directors

  • Allen Palmiere
  • A. Murray Sinclair
  • Lila A. Murphy
  • Peter Nixon
  • Jonathan Goodman
  • Andrew Molson
  • Isabel Meharry
  • Steven Sharpe
  • Tanya Covassin
  • Audit Committee
  • Compensation Committee
  • Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee

Our Founder

Ned Goodman, founder of Dundee Corporation and patriarch of the Goodman Family, is regarded as one of Canada’s most successful investment leaders. He has become an iconic figure in this country’s investment history with a career spanning more than five decades.

The culture of the Goodman family continues on in the firm through the leadership of Jonathan Goodman. The values of this culture – integrity, community, entrepreneurial drive and critical thinking – permeate the organization and are hallmarks of the ‘Dundee business family.’

Whistleblower Policy

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